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Real Name: Harvey Dent
Occupation: Former District Attorney, criminal
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Known Relatives: Grace Dent, ex-wife
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance:
Detective Comics#66 (Aug 1942) as Harvey Kent.

As Gotham's youngest and brightest District Attourney, Harvey Dent formed a united front with Police Commisioner James Gordon and the Batman, so as to bring Justice to the city and curb organised crime. For a short time, they were the most effective crime fighting force in Gotham City., but all good things come to an end...

In a packed courtroom, indicted crimelord "Boss" Maroni repaid Dent in kind, by hurling acid at the young D.A., horribly disfiguring the left side of Dent's face and fracturing his psyche, already tormented from a childhood of violent abuse from is father

In that moment, Harvey Dent was no more, he became Two-Face, a sociopath whose murderous actions were dictated by the flip of Dent's own good-luck charm, a two-headed silver dollar (evidence from the Maroni trial), he scarred on one side to reflect his own split personality.

Obsessed by the number two and his own duality, Two-Face established a criminal base in Gotham, and repeatedly clashes with it's Dark Knight. Despite Batman's best efforts to rehabilitate his former friend and partner against crime, it would appear that what little piece of Harvey Dent that remains is almost entirely gone.

At times, it appears as if Dent may actually be the stronger of the two personalities. Other times, Two-Face seems unstoppable. During the earthquake that rocked Gotham City, both of these sides were seen. Two-Face was an incredibly strong force in Gotham City as he held much of the territory and a considerable army.

Harvey Dent was also seen. He was found helping Rene Montoya in her old neighbourhood. Batman left Dent in Rene's care and something grew between the two. Though what exactly happened between Rene and Harvey is unknown, it is known that Harvey Dent holds her very dear and that she too feels for him.