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Alter Ego: The Immortal
Occupation: Conqueror
Base of Operations: HQ in North Africa
Known Relatives: Talia, daughter
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray
First Appearance:
Batman#232 (June 1971)

Ra's Al Ghul's name means The Demon's Head, and his nickname is The Immortal. The nickname is quite appropriate, for he has lived since the Middle Ages. Ra's was a doctor in North Africa, and his wife was killed when he offended the son of an important Sultan. Ra's was consequently buried in a pit along with the man who's life he saved (the man was nearly killed by the Sultan's son). The graphic novel, Birth of the Demon recounts this incredible story, and is a story that all Batman fans should read.

The Demon's Head is also appropriate, for he is probably Batman's most diabolical and intellgent foe. Batman rescued Ra's daughter, Talia, from the League of Assasins, which was headed by Ra's himself. Talia fell in love with Batman. Ra's discovered Batman's identity, and then kidnapped Dick Grayson (Robin), and went to Batman for help, claiming that his daughter had been kidnapped as well. Batman courageously overcame many obstacles to rescue the two, and by doing this proved his worth to Ra's. The graphic novel Son of the Demon outlines Ra's goal to have Batman marry his daughter and become his heir. Batman and Ra's worked together for some time, before parting ways. Then next met up in as outline in the graphic novel Bride of the Demon. Batman discovered that Ra's Al Ghul's goal was to "remake" mankind through an ecological disaster. It is this that has lead Batman into a lifelong quest to stop Ra's forever.