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First appearance: Detective Comics#400 (June 1970)

Kirk Langstrom was a zoologist and an expert on chiroptera, the study of bats, who hoped to produce a formula from a bat's biochemistry that would enable blind people to duplicate a bat's sonar. One night, Langstrom tested the new formula on himself - only to mutate into a grotesque half-human, half-bat creature. Langstrom quickly drew the attention of Batman, who weeks later develops an antidote and turned Langstrom back to normal.

Langstrom subsequently used his formula-believe it or not- to become a crimefighter, but eventually gave it up in the favor of civillan life with his wife Francine, who has been a solid support throughout all his transformations. However, some of Langstrom's later transformations, such as during the recent "Final Night" crossover, he posed a danger to both himself and others, and he remains an possible threat to Gotham City.