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Clayface I - Basil Karlo (Detective Comics#40, June 1940)

He was a horror film actor who used his clayface role that he played in a movie when he turned to a life of crime. He only used his theatrical makeup which had no extranormal powers or properties. Karlos later injected himself with blood extracts from all three of the ensuing clayfaces, therefore aquiring their aggerate and truly extranormal abilities when he was transformed into the Ultimate Clayface.

Clayface II - Matt Hagen (Detective Comics#298, Nov 1961)

He discovered a strange oily substance on the wreck of the Spanish galleon Belina Hermosa. This substance of unknown origin transformed his body into a clay-like consistency whose shape could be altered at will. He is now deceased but his remains led to the creation of Clayface III.

Clayface III - Preston Payne (Detective Comics#478, August 1978)

He was born with the tragic condition known as acromegaly. He found himself shunned by society, the object of ceaseless cruelty. Perhaps in desperation, he injected himself with an isolated agent from the late Matt Hagen's blood, whereupon Preston's flesh also became malleable. But he suffered severe pain in the form of headaches and fever temporarily relieved only by "transfering his curse" by using his very touch to dissolve the flesh of another into a puddle of protoplasm. But even though this "midas-melt" process alleviated physical pain, it led to even greater psychological distress, ultimately driving Preston Payne mad. He became even more dangerous when he created a flesh-supporting exo-skeleton, therby attaining extranormal strength. As evidence of his increasing madness, he fell in love with a wax mannequin he named Helena, the only "woman immune" to his melt-touch until he met the fourth clayface.

Clayface IV - Shondra Fuller:

She loathed her appearance and she would have done anything to change it so she allowed the entity known as Kobra to transform her into Ladyclay, an extranormal being similar to Matt Hagen's Clayface II, able to change her appearance at will, shaping her malleable form into anything she wished.


Clayface V - Cassius:

He's the son of Preston Payne and Shondra Fuller. When Preston and Shondra fell in love, they decided to leave society forever and took refuge in a cave outside of Gotham and together they bore Cassius. Cassius appeared not to have either parents extranormal abilities. But when the Department of Extranormal Operations had him in custody, they harvested a sample of Cassius' flesh to be studied. The sample came to life and attached itself to Dr. Peter Malley, the scientist from the D.E.O. studying Cassius, and changed him into a new Clayface. This new clayface had the ability to melt anything he looked at. In an attempt ot break out Preston Payne, this new clayface was seemingly destroyed by Chase, a special agent from the D.E.O.