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Real Name: Roman Sionis
Occupation: Crimelord
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Known Relatives: None
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Batman#386 (August 1985)

"Know that the mask destroys one identity while creating another of deeper drives and greater power." Such is the credo of Black Mask, once Roman Sionis, heir to Gotham's powerful Janus Cosmetics. Driven to bankruptcy after a highly toxic waterproof makeup, Janus was spared from ruin by a WayneCorp bailout, though Sionis's percieved "loss of face" unhinged his already fragile mental state. Shattering the lid of his father's ebony coffin, Sionis carved a fearsome Black Mask from its fragments and set about to destroy he newly appointed Janus board of directors with his so-called "False Face Society," a cadre of masked thugs. With the Batman in close persuit, Sionis purged all ties with his former life by setting his family estate ablaze, though the flames forever etched Black Masked's countenance on Sionis's face. After a brief incarceration, Black Mask escaped and assumed near total control fo Gotham's underworld, a position he struggles to maintain in the wake of the city's recent catastropic earthquake.

During the carnage of No Man's Land, Black Mask changed for the worse. He turned to self-mutilation and gathered a following of poor souls who believe in the self-mutilation was a way of removing the masks that blind them to the real world. He is once again incarcerated in Blackgate and kept away from the general population, lest he stirs a riot among the inmates.