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First appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993)

Born to serve the life sentence of his father, Bane's childhood and early adult life was spent behind the walls of Pena Duro, the infamous prison/fortress of Santa Prisca. At the age of approximately eight, he killed the first of many men confined with him.

After more than three decades, Bane was made the subject of experiments with Venom, a highly addictive, gene-altering drug capable of giving its user tremendous strength in exchange for sanity.

His enormous physical strength and capacity for rage amplified by the poison in his veins, Bane effected an escape from Pena Duro for himself and three comrades. Free for the first time in his life, Bane made for Gotham City, where he soon disabled the Batman (see BATMAN) and ruled Gotham's underworld until brought down by Jean Paul Valley, pretender to the mantle of the Bat.

Back in prison, Bane overcame his addiction to Venom and emerged sharper, more focused, and more dangerous than ever. He has since escaped to threaten Gotham and the world, working alone and at the side of Ra's al Ghul. He is currently at large and expected at any time to renew his campaign to destroy Batman and rule Gotham.