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Story: Jamie DeLano, Artwork: John Bolton

Part1, Part2, Part 3

This is really one of the best ''Elseworlds'' stories I have read. Originally published as a three-issue mini-series (prestige format books), it is also available as a collected edition.

What intrigued me was the cover artwork, ''weird'' is the right word. Weird in a good way. I was quite surprised that the artwork inside the book was identical with the cover artwork (I was not familiar with Bolton's work). As for the story, this mature graphic novel by Jamie Delano and John Bolton kept me in utter suspense and shock. This truly adult depiction of Manbat is a "Real life encounter with the way Manbat would really be if he existed today." The art work is truly dark and in-depth, while being stunning... totally complimenting the solid story. Any Batman fan or Manbat fan should not pass this Dark story up.