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Written by Jeph Loeb, Illustrated by Tim Sale

1993, 1994, 1995

This book is a collection of three Halloween Specials stories. All three are set in the early days of Batman, where I would believe Loeb finds himself at ease in. Each story holds its own, but deals with a dark side of the Batman, or one might say how the dark side deals with Batman. The three stories are very self insightful where the Dark Knight finds himself contemplating to what has made him the person he is today. How his past shaped his present and what it all means for his past.

The most touching of all stories are the ones that deals with his childhood and sights of his parents before their untimely tragedy that helped make the character, the most morose, guilt-stricken characters in all comicdom. You learn that's the only thing that truly makes the character tick. The great love he shared with his parents turned into the great hate he feels towards the criminal underworld. That's what Batman is all about.

Loeb and Sale are truly downright amazing in their depiction of the character. Sale has still to find himself with the character and that can be noticed in some of the awkward art that appears in some pages. His take would masterfully transcend in his next masterwork Batman: The Long Halloween. Loeb and Sale would also go on ahead to make Batman: Dark Victory for DC and the highly acclaimed Daredevil: Yellow for Marvel.

People have caught on that the duo are excellent when solo, but are dynamite when together. With them onto something, there will always be a bang in the horizon. If their magic catches on, they could be the ones reviving the now defunct Batman movie franchise.