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Story: Doug Moench, Artwork: Jim Balent and Kim DeMulder

Catwoman is the city's protector in Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham, an Elseworlds story where the roles are reversed. Selina is a wealthy socialite living in Kyle Manor with her trusted servant Brooks (A sexy blonde in a tiny maid's outfit). She has all the goodies one associates with Batman, including a cat-signal, an underground lair, and a cool-looking Catmobile. She does battle with the usual suspects, including The Joker and Killer Croc, who are even nastier than their regular counterparts. Problem is, someone is killing them with a bat-like blade. She finally confronts this "Bat-man" while fighting Two-Face, who is female in this universe.

Catwoman manages to save her, but Bat-man escapes. We later find out he's also a thief, eliminating the competition and anyone else who gets in his way. He breaks into Kyle Manor and discovers her secret cat-lair.

Later, Selina meets a handsome stranger at a party who turns out to be Bruce Wayne! Catty manages to get Bat-man's glove with his blood on it, which she turns over to Gordon to find out his identity, but he retrieves it, taking out several of Gordon's troops in the process. Meanwhile, Selina has fallen in love with Bruce! They get married over Brooks' objections. They seem to settle down to married bliss, but one day Selina finds Brooks murdered, and soon discovers that Bruce is the Bat-man! He only married her in order to kill her and inherit her fortune and mansion.

The final showdown commences as Selina and the Bat-man fight to the death. It ends on a sad note as his dying words reveal that he was the one who killed her parents long ago! Whew! The artwork is flawless (check out some of the "views" of Brooks!). Catwoman looks like the ultimate dominatrix in purple latex and black leather!