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Written by Paul Dini. Drawn by Mark Buckingham

With each of the Batman motion pictures (except the first, I believe), DC Comics had tried to cash in by releasing one-shot specials starring a villain featured in the then-current cinematic treatment (e.g. Penguin Triumphant, Catwoman Defiant etc). With the fourth Batman feature came Batman: Poison Ivy, Batman: Bane and Batman: Mr. Freeze. Of course, none of these stories had anything to do with the movie.

Of the three, Mr. Freeze is the best. I might even dare to say that this story is to Freeze exactly what is ''The Killing Joke'' for the Joker - the stories share some similarities, although ''Mr. Freeze'' is much less subversive. The ''current'' events of the story are intercut with various flashbacks that re-tell the villain's origin, in great fashion - after all Dini is a guy that really understands the characters of the Batman universe.