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Story: Doug Moench, Artwork: Kelley Jones

'Batman & Dracula: Red Rain' is an irrestible gothic-horror graphic novel with an excellent, literate and well-planned script that I found extremely entertaining to read. The premise of the story is simple and quite traditional in literary vampire tales, but when coupled with the modern/futuristic style of the Batman comic and the grotesque, decrepit grandery of Gotham City, the story becomes fresh and exciting. Dracula himself has come to Gotham and begins to populate the streets with homeless vampires in an attempt to create a hellish kingdom that he can rule over as Lord of the Undead. Of course, only Batman is capable of stopping him achieve this evil dominion, but he will not be strong enough unless he allies himself with a group of vampire renegades in order to defeat Dracula in a duel to the death.

The first edition of 'Batman vs Dracula : Red Rain' was so hugely popular with fans that it was actually out-of-print within the first month of its release. Even if you have never read a graphic novel, or even a Batman one for that matter, I have to thoroughly recommend that you purchase a copy of this one.

This elseworlds story spawned two equally good sequels, Batman: Bloodstorm and Batman: Crimson Mist.