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Story: Jim Starlin, Artwork: Jim Aparo

Reps: 426, 427, 428, 429

To begin with, let's give massive kudos to DC Comics for having the guts to tell this story. It sent Batman down a path even more guilt-ridden than his previous one and eventually led to the creation of a real balancing force in Tim Drake, the current (and best) Robin. Although the gimmick of allowing readers to call in and vote for letting Jason Todd live or killing him off seems sort of callow, it did gain this story serious attention, attention that it deserved.

However I feel sort of a pang of guilt that we've never seen the alternate ending for this story, the one where Jason survived. DC had both endings ready to go to the printer, just waiting for the response to come in... is there any reason we couldn't have included that alternate chapter in this paperback collection? Something to consider, DC, the next time this book goes to print.