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Story: Doug Moench, Artwork: Kelley Jones

Bloodstorm is the sequel to Red Rain. Again written by Doug Moench and beautifully illustrated by Kelley Jones, this is a cleverly plotted, enjoyable follow-up which introduces more familiar faces from the regular Batman series: notably that of the Joker and Catwoman. The Joker arrives shortly after the demise of Dracula and sets about his plan to make himself 'Lord of the Undead' by taking over the remaining members of Dracula's legion of vampires and converting Gotham's underworld into bloodsuckers. With the introduction of Catwoman to the novel as Batman's sidekick (Robin does not feature in these novels) this seems a little more akin to the usual Batman style of comic were it not for the fact that Batman is now a vampire himself and is struggling with the facts of his existence and the bloodlust that it brings.

This is an excellent continuance to the 'Elseworlds' series and is most definately worth purchasing alongside 'Red Rain'. Even if, like me, you don't normally read Batman comics you'll certainly find these two novels great fun to read. The story is concluded with Crimson Mist.